Sailors who transported coffee to Europe had devised a lot of methods to enjoy coffee during their long-term sailing. One of those methods was Dutch coffee which is also called Japanese-style slow drip iced coffee. Dripping coffee with cold water makes coffee less bitter and sweeter with unique taste and flavor through ripening over time.

Cold Brew Coffee is distinctive in that you don’t extract coffee by dripping water drop by drop but extract cold brew coffee in refrigeration. So you can enjoy oily taste and rich flavor that you cannot have from Dutch coffee.

What makes cold brew coffee different from hot coffee

Cold brew coffee has a lot of characteristics different from those of coffee with hot water dripping. Cold brew coffee is made of coffee beans ground into particles of a size similar to that of grain sugar in an extractor and then mixed with water at the room temperature for cold storage.

A combination of ground coffee beans and room temperature water causes chemical reaction to extract elements that produce taste and flavor of coffee. Coffee extracted with hot water has full body and stronger flavor with bitter and and sour taste than cold brew coffee.

Cold brew coffee is less bitter and sour but sweeter and oilier and is available for cold storage for 2 to 4 weeks and its taste and flavor last long.


In order to enjoy nitro coffee at home, you need cold brew coffee. Of course, there are a lot of people who already have tools to make cold brew coffee. However, you can easily make cold brew coffee for Nitro King with My Cold Brew.

How to Use My Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee from My Cold Brew has sweet taste of the coffee itself with less sour taste and sweeter body texture.

  • My Cold Brew 

  • Brosoilicate glass+18/8 stainless steel 

  • 99X69X260mm 

  • 1000m

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